That Good ‘Ol Plastic Money

When you’re first starting out, credit cards can be a source of much debate. Some people love them and some hate them. I’ve heard countless people warn of the dangers and how you’ll fall into an unfathomable abyss of debt. … Continue reading

Starting College Off Right

Packing. Moving. Orientation. New people. New areas. Buying books. Intimidating professors. Daunting curriculums… Take a breath. You’ve made it. You got through the start of your first semester. Hands down, outside of finals, it can be one of the most … Continue reading

Need vs. Desire

My Dad has taught me many lessons throughout my life, but when it comes to handling money, there was no lesson more valuable than the difference between need and desire. As a child, if I asked him for $5, he’d … Continue reading

Traveling Like A Local

“There’s a book that tells you where you should go on your vacation.  It’s called your checkbook.”  ~Author Unknown That quote may not be among the most romantic of quotes on the subject of travel, but it’s true. When you … Continue reading

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!

Oh joy, it’s getting to be that time of year again…tax time. No one looks forward to it, but nonetheless, it has to be dealt with. Some of you college students out there will be among the lucky ones that … Continue reading

Meet Wendy

Wendy is…me. If you’re reading any online posts by Poor Jellyfish, be it our blog, Twitter, or Facebook, there’s about a 98% chance I wrote it. I’m a born-and-raised Southern girl recently turned world traveler. I’ve got a charmingly adorable, … Continue reading

Meet Bre

Breanna is our favorite girl on the ground. If you spend some time in Virginia Beach, you’re bound to have her run up to you going on and on about how amazing Poor Jellyfish is. She’s a born-and-raised California girl … Continue reading

Meet Michael

 Michael is the master business mind of Poor Jellyfish. He loves analytics and can talk to you for hours about the latest marketing trends. Don’t let his rugged handsomeness and adventurous spirit fool you. He’s quite the nerd. What did … Continue reading

There’s nothing you can’t rent these days

A new year means a new semester, and a new semester means new books. Most students know the traditional ways of saving money on textbooks such as buying used, searching online for the best deal, and even simply borrowing books … Continue reading

‘Tis the season

This time of year everyone is shopping for something. Being a part of this young, tech-savvy generation, many students will be doing a large part of that shopping online. Yes, many sites are running the same great deals they have … Continue reading